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Ambiance specializes in construction projects demanding high quality, timely completion, and a attention to details and budgets.  The Ambiance team offers customers and design professionals a full suite of abilities not often seen under one roof or within the home construction and remodeling industry.  The company is comprised of experienced General Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Engineers, CAD and graphic design support, and certified trade technicians offering a wide range of services that span general construction, structural modifications, energy efficiency and solar design, water features, and even custom swimming pools.  Ambiance can assist with solving complex construction problems or execute with precise precision on your specific project or vision.

Design Assistance

Here at Ambiance our team takes pride in working with home owners or their professionals to work through all of the design and budget details before a project begins.  If an owner does not have a design team in place Ambiance can assist with their design by utilizing one or more of our team partners to help complete a design or a vision.  At Ambiance we only select a few projects per year to assure customer satisfaction.  Specializing in high quality construction Ambiance prefers to take a hands on approach with each and every project.  If an owner or architect has a vision but is not certain if it can be achieved through conventional construction methods Ambiance will provide a solution.    

New Construction

Ambiance prides itself on its ability to build unique and high quality homes.  We go the extra mile with all of our projects to assure that we exceed the owners expectations in every detail.  Ambiance unique ability to “add” the extra value is what separates our homes from others.  With our in house ability to provide engineering design support we are able to improve upon normal construction standards.  Some of the extra value can be seen in the unique attention to detail, in the ability to execute the owners or their design teams vision, or it can be seen in the increase value we add to each and every home.  Ambiance can improve wind load ratings, sound and insulation, home automation, and energy efficiency.  These are a few of the differentiator’s that separate Ambiance Construction homes from others.  We don’t build model homes, or repeat designs.  It simply not in our nature.  Each home has its own unique character and every home owner deserves to experience excellence with their vision.   From increasing wind loads to 200 mph or adding unique water features Ambiance can make your vision and dream come true.


Performing a high quality remodeling job requires very specific attention to not only the construction details but to the other various drivers that can impact a successful project or its budget.  Ambiance is experienced to assist home owners and their design team with partial or complete home and condominium remodels.   From developing a cost effective budget to creating a precise time line schedule Ambiance leaves no detail out to assure customer satisfaction.  Ambiance specializes in high rise condominium remodeling and is accustom to working within the specific guidelines of home owner association and restricted time tables.  Ambiance can provide kitchen and bathroom remodeling or expand room spaces by moving walls or adding openings.  Ambiance works very closely with all manufactures of cabinet suppliers to assist in the transformation of a kitchen or bathroom to achieve the vision.



Structural Modifications

Ambiance prides itself on its ability to add extra value with its unique ability to transform rooms and living spaces.  Ambiance can solve complex problems that require structural modifications to allow walls to be moved or completely removed to allow for a customer’s vision to come true.  Ambiance has the ability to calculate design requirements and manufactures structural steel and support beams or columns to allow for a full room transformation to occur.  Often in high rise developments walls need to be moved or mechanical piping must be re-routed and Ambiance can execute a design by others or will work with the customer to solve the complex problems.  For rooms needing that added view or additional lighting Ambiance can transform walls into windows or add skylights to ceilings.  If there is a way to achieve the vision Ambiance can and will exceed your expectations. 

Home Automation and Lighting

The Ambiance team is comprised of trained professionals in various automation platforms including Lutron, Crestron, Vantage, and Insteon.  The team can provide full design support to add home automation that includes lighting controls, shade and window control, HVAC management, security, swimming pool and spa, and a complete AV experience with sound and TV.  Ambiance has licensed electricians and degreed design engineers to work directly with customers to develop a automation program to meet every possible option.

Energy Efficiency

The Ambiance team is comprised of skilled engineering and electrical contracting that has over 30 years of experience in energy management.  Members on the team designed and installed the largest roof top solar project in the united states and overseas and can evaluate and calculate energy loads consisting of lighting, HVAC, Geothermal, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, and energy waste minimization.  From normal energy efficiency to platinum LEED certification Ambiance can help you achieve your vision.

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